It ME.

That was misleading. I'm a casual observer of memes, but my essence cannot be encapsulated by a meme related phrase. I'm a human woman. I'm biracial (black + white, don't @ me). I am a Leo, and I think that's obvious - look at my hair. Cat person.

I work for a client facing media company. I court clients, sign them, manage them and help them sell products by leading copywriting for their product sales. I know how to sell, and I'm good at it but it's not what drives me.

I'm driven by people that are on a mission to change the way we operate in the world and are genuinely, good, progressively focused and see outside the status quo.

I want to work for or with folks that move in the direction of progress, fairness and favor women, people of color and other underrepresented voices in our society. Ideally, I want my work to amplify those voices consciously and creatively. 

I write, photograph, record audio and video, draw and paint.